Nikon Z6 Lens Calibration

After checking images on my Z6 and being frustrated by the fact they looked soft, I took to the web to try to find out why.

It seems that the auto-focus system in the Z-Series of Nikon bodies is different to conventional mirrorless bodies.

It turns out that Nikon have opted to use phase detection autofocus pixels which is the same autofocus system as their DLSR range. This explains why the bodies have the ability to do micro adjustments to calibrate lenses/sensor combinations in the same way as the DSLR range of bodies.

Armed with this, I purchased and downloaded Fo-Cal calibration software to attempt to calibrate the Z6. After going through the process of setting up and running the tests, the software advises adding a +2 adjustment on the body.

Checking images, there looks to be an improvement in sharpness.

Repeating the process gives the same +2 adjustment on the lens.

Plan is to try the lens at different focal distances to see if or what the variation will be.

Will follow up with the results…….