As a photographer… people accuse me of only seeing my surroundings through the viewfinder of my camera as I’m always looking through the viewfinder, and my camera is never far from my hand. This may be true to a point, but there are places I’ve been and things I’ve seen because I have gone with the intention on recording a particular image in mind.

Things that are ugly, or don’t look as good as I would like them to be, may still take on a different aspect. From black clouds, to rocks and tree stumps, leading lines and strange shapes allow a unique and satisfying result to a trip out into the countryside or a walk in the town or cities.

There are so many thoughts go through my head when surveying what is in front of me and behind me. Looking around brings feelings of thanks for the unique world at my feet.

I don’t look around anymore…. I see the world around me and appreciate what it there to behold.

Stephen Sinclair