Nikon Z6 Lens Calibration

After checking images on my Z6 and being frustrated by the fact they looked soft, I took to the web to try to find out why. It seems that the auto-focus system in the Z-Series of Nikon bodies is different to conventional mirrorless bodies. It turns out that Nikon have opted to use phase detection […]


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Gig Shots

First attempt at gig photography. Went for a grunge type of editing… I like the tones along with the added grain to give the effect that I was looking for

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Z6 Focus Shift

Wow, what a neat feature…… 82 images shot in the Focus Shift mode with the camera set to F10 and the step set to ‘1’. First attempt of stacking the images in Photoshop CC 2019 was decent, but there were bits of the image were left incorrectly blended. Stacking, aligning and blending took 30mins plus…. […]

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Kinghorn with the Z6

A Cold start with the temperature sitting at round 0C. Heading along the coast to Kinghorn, the colours of sunrise could be seen rising above the Pentland Hills at the back of Edinburgh. Parking at the harbour, the morning looked as if it was going to be worth a walk on the the beach with […]

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Nikon Z6

A wee trip the South Queensferry to try out the Z6. Just a quick couple of shots… Happy so far.. loads to learn about this camera

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West Side Story

In September 2018, the Alhambra Theatre were staging a doors open day to allow the public the chance to go along and see behind the scenes in the theatre. Whilst visiting, I was able to watch Limelight productions rehearsing for their approaching production of West Side Story. At this point, I was able to shoot […]

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Rumbling Bridge Gorge

A wee day out with my lovely wife, Kerry. Leaving the car at Rumbling Bridge, a wee walk through the gorge, up around the back Lendrick Muir, back into Crook of Devon. We then ended back at the other side of the Rumbling Bridge gorge and walked back to the car.It the upper bridge had […]

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Site Updates…

Having looked at the images and the layout of the gallery, I’ve made a few changes. The main gallery has been deleted and defined galleries have been created with a better layout….. I hope you like this much better… I do 🙂

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